Universal Access aquaBUBBLER


The Universal Access aquaBUBBLER is a modern, stylish, water-efficient drinking fountain designed for indoor or outdoor use.Fully DDA compliant, the Universal Access aquaBUBBLER is accessible to everyone including the wheel-chair bound and those with other physical disabilities.The body of the unit is manufactured from polyethylene, which has a lower environmental impact in manufacture than other comparable materials, can be easily recycled, allows a wide range of colours, images or printing to be incorporated into the finish, and is extremely durable to withstand the harshest Australian conditions.The DR brass taps are custom-engineered by aquaBUBBLER, and, with the stainless steel dish, integrate into the unique aquaBUBBLER body for superior functionality and aesthetics. The taps on each unit can be used simultaneously without any significant reduction in water pressure/flow.The aquaBUBBLER can be installed onto an existing concrete surface or wooden floor, or a prepared concrete foundation. The aquaBUBBLER is secured to the ground with a fixing plate inside the base.

The Universal Access aquaBUBBLER is a free-standing unit, available in a choice of heights (750mm or 850mm).

DDA Compliance:

The Universal Access aquaBUBBLER is compliant with the Disability Discrimination Act (1992) including:
  • Water Bottle Refill Station located at a height of 700mm.
  • Circulation Space in front of the fixture in compliance with AS 1428.1 2009 which allows access from either side and enables a ‘parallel and front approach’.
  • Large (40mm diameter) self-closing push button (operable by one hand) in line with AS 1428.1. 2009.
  • The self-closing push button that is easily accessed (within 300mm of the front of the unit) enabling different approaches to the unit in line with AS 1428.1 2009.
  • A design that enables operation by persons with a preference for either left or right hand.
  • Clearance beneath the unit catering for a wide variety of wheelchair users.
  • A force to operate (19.5N to activate flow and 15.5 to 17 N to maintain flow) in line with AS 1428.2.
  • Anti-Bacterial water bottle refill station.
  • Large self-closing push buttons.
  • Non-squirt/anti bacterial water exit nozzle.
  • Large choice of colours.
  • Custom branding (put your logo on the aquaBUBBLER).
  • Easy to adjust water flow.
  • Ergonomic.
  • Hard wearing with contemporary design.
  • Hygienic stainless steel dish.
  • Vandal resistant.
  • Low maintenance.
  • 100% recyclable materials.
  • Manufactured in Australia.
The Universal Access aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station. 316D x 850/750 H. Universal Access Pod: 300Wx200D. Supplied with two push button bubblers, bottle filler tap, pressure reducing valve, non-return valve, isolation valve, 40mm s-trap and 40mm waste outlet, and base mounting plate. Product Code: ABWB12/UA 850 or 750 TBC colourThe above text is provided for replication into project specification schedules. RED TEXT may denote: 1) a nominal dimension (e.g. XXXXmm) that needs to be specified, or 2) the colour of the aquaBUBBLER.
  • Custom branding (put your logo on the aquaBUBBLER).
  • External chiller (either the 3litre, 7.5litre or 15litre chiller) depending on application.
  • Filter options.
  • Water meter.

Our chillers, like our drinking fountains, are Australian-made and offer advanced design benefits:

Our chillers are external to the drinking fountain. An external chiller allows for better ventilation, which results in less condensation and virtually eliminates breakdowns.
Four or more drinking fountains can be serviced by our largest chiller, timers can be plugged in so water is chilled only when required, and ambient temperature control means that if the air temperature drops, the chiller automatically adjusts to use the minimum energy required to chill the water.

External Chiller Options


Compact Water Cooler

The Compact Water Cooler supplies 16 litres of cold water per hour. It has a 3 Litre water storage tank. It is designed with rounded edges to prevent restriction of airflow in the condenser if in a confined space. Australian designed and manufactured.


  • Model: TLS 16
  • Tank size: 3 Litre
  • Dimensions: 2900W x 485D x 320H
  • Weight: 21 kg
  • Water Supply: Mains Water Connection
  • Cooling System: Refrigerant R134a
  • Power supply: 240 volt 1/12 hp, 50hz 1ph
  • Warranty: 1 year


RWC 7.5 & RWC 1.5

Water Chiller for 2 or more aquaBUBBLERS

These refrigerated water coolers supply 90 litres on cold water per hour and are ideal for high traffic areas or high volume use.
There are 2 size stainless steel storage tanks – 7.5 litre or 15 litre. The units have an ambient temperature control to prevent the refrigeration system from running in cooler weather – the chiller automatically adjusts to use the minimum energy required to chill the water. Australian designed and manufactured.


  • Model: RWC7.5 & RWC15
  • Tank size: 7.5 Litre & 15 Litre

Dimensions – RWC7.5 Litre

  • 855W x 340D x 280H

RWC15 Litre

  • 1350W x 340D x 280H


  • RWC7.5 Litre – 39 kg
  • RWC15 Litre – 41kg
Water Supply: Mains Water Connection
Cooling System: Refrigerant R134a
Power supply: 220/240 Volt, 50Hz, 1ph
Warranty: 1 year