aquabubbler drinking water fountain with water bottle refill station in the park

Happy customers

Spring Valley Primary School, Principal, Clive Bridges

“At Spring Valley PS, aquaBUBBLER have been installed to give children an even flow of drinking water as well as a tap to fill their drink bottles. Our old taps constantly dripped and wasted valuable water whereas aquaBUBBLERs do not. Brendan and his company are not only prompt and helpful but also provide efficient after-sales service. I commend their product, work and service to you.”

Kew Primary School, Principal, Graham Pratt

“We have gone with the aquaBUBBLER because, the old school drinking troughs have become more like rubbish bins and bird baths and the kids have stopped using them.”

Mill Park Heights primary school, Principal, Deborah Patterson

“The students and staff are thrilled with the aquaBUBBLER. The aquaBUBBLER is welcome addition to our school. The installing of the aquaBUBBLER and service provided was very professional. A pleasure to do business with.”

Wallarano Primary school, Principal, Paul Garden

“We have installed an aquaBUBBLER in our school. A key feature for the students is that each aquaBUBBLER has a drink bottle filler. We are very happy with our aquaBUBBLER and the full service provided.”

Nunawading Christian College

“Our students are really appreciative of our new aquaBUBBLERs, especially the drink bottle filler. The aquaBUBBLER team were friendly and professional. Thank you for supplying such a great product combined with prompt efficient service.”

Western Australia

Palmyra Primary School, Principal, Hugh McCraken

“I noticed the boys don’t drink water much during breaks…they’d rather play with their mates. But they use the aquaBUBBLER to fill up their water bottles for class. We also put them in our early childhood centre so we can teach the young ones to re-use their water bottles instead using disposable ones. If you start early, you can establish good habits that stay with them throughout their lives. I really like the aquaBUBBLERs – they’re compact, bright and appealing. And you can choose the colors that suit the school!”


Assisi Catholic College, Property Manager, Ken Whyte

“I can’t tell you about the maintenance services, because they haven’t broken down in years!!”

The Gap State High School, Business Services Manager, Tracey Thomas

“It has made filling water bottles so much easier! The kids love them.”

John Paul College, Facilities and Service Manager, Lucas Gilroy

“I’ve tried the rest, now I use the best….aquaBUBBLER.”

Nudgee Junior College, Property Manager, Wayne Green

“Kids race to the aquaBUBBLERs and can be pretty rough with them….absolutely no problem. I haven’t had a maintenance problem since we installed them, they’re just great.”


Ballarat Grammar, Operations Office Manager, Donna Hateley

“We’ve installed aquaBUBBLERs across our campuses over the last four years. The water bottle fillers are very convenient. We’ve had no problems with our aquaBUBBLERs and would highly recommend them.”

Mazenod College, Principal, Father Twigg

“We’re extremely happy with both the efficiency and look of our aquaBUBBLER. It’s helped reshape the way our students access water in the quadrangle. Gone are the long queues at troughs. We now have more opportunities available to the boys and this has helped in our water management. Our water usage has gone down and more boys can access the water. This has been a win/win for us.”

Caroline Springs College, Principal, Patrick Waring

“I’ve installed aquaBUBBLERs at two schools and found them to be a great choice. Their design provides a hygienic drinking fountain, and the tap to fill water bottles encourages students to stay hydrated. The robust construction allows installation in public places and the choice of colors creates a focal point in the grounds. Highly recommended.”

Westmeadows Primary School, Principal, Anton Mahony

aquaBUBBLERs are just great for students at Westmeadows Primary. Ours aquaBUBBLERs are located in prime spots allowing easy access whilst children are enjoying their playground activities. A refreshing drink and back into the game. Or simply press a button and before you know it, your drink container is filled! Easy to use, practical design. aquaBUBBLERs are cool for school!!

South Australia

Cummins Area School, Principal, Teleah Wilson

“They’re practical and the kids really love them.”

Hincks Avenue Primary School, Assistant Principal, Sam Lawrence

“We love the bright colors and sturdiness…and that they always look appealing to our students.”


Cherrybrook Technology High, HT administration, Brett Clements

“I’ve attached a photo of the boys using the aquaBUBBLER after sports practice. It had just been installed and they were all very impressed – as you can see from the photo. They are certainly getting a lot of use and the striking chilli red color makes them stand out and matches in with our school colors.”

St Clare’s College, Maintenance Manager, Cheryl Talbot

“Our aquaBUBBLERs are just great….the girls love them. We plan to put in more.”