Aquabubbler Drinking Fountain with water bottle refill station

aquaBUBBLER team

aquaBUBBLER’s team have been described as “a pleasure to do business with”. We suspect that because we love what we do, are proud of our product, and know we are making a positive contribution in so many ways. Here’s a bit about who we are and how we came to be involved with aquaBUBBLER.

Brendan Lynch, Managing Director

Brendan is the man behind the aquaBUBBLER concept.
His sustainability-related work began more than 20 years ago with a spontaneous (and successful) campaign to repeal legislation and save part of a local parkland area from development. This sparked an interest in ‘where environment and society collide’, which led him back to uni to study sustainability.
While there, a stint producing an environmentally-focussed community radio show led to three years in journalism primarily covering business innovations and start ups. The launch of Business Monthly (a newspaper still going strong today) followed, then three years as communications manager for Greenpeace where he became deeply immersed in global-scale environmental issues. Brendan managed frontline campaigns to change prevailing corporate and community attitudes towards environmental conditions.
A year with the World Wildlife Foundation setting up Western Australia Shark Bay–Esperance eco-region and Fremantle’s Environmental Resource Network (FERN) brought high profile experience working with councils and government departments to bring about implementing projects for positive environmental change.
Around that time, Brendan settled on the aquaBUBBLER concept as his next major project. He knew by now that water conservation and water bottle issues were set to become massive global challenges, he was keen to start a business built on ethical sustainability issues and able to make a real difference to the world, and he had identified a need in the marketplace for modernising hydration facilities: aquaBUBBLER was born!

So Brendan, what does aquaBUBBLER mean to you?

aquaBUBBLER is simply the culmination of everything that has mattered to me for so many years. I’m really overwhelmed a concept that meant a lot just to me is now validated by hundreds and hundreds of sales and non-stop positive feedback from customers, colleagues, industry bodies, government bodies, and even school students!”

What’s your favourite aquaBUBBLER story?

“I think it’s really just my astonishment at how aquaBUBBLER has surpassed all my expectations. For example, I never dreamed of the powerful advertising potential of aquaBUBBLER, but the customised messaging capability on our drinking fountains is such a powerful advertising tool that we are seeing that side of the business just take off.”

What’s next for you and aquaBUBBLER?

My focus is always firmly fixed on changing attitudes. With aquaBUBBLER, we challenge and enable schools, councils, governments and businesses not just to think about some of the big issues, but to act. Influencing social norms and affecting positive change is a never-ending challenge, but it such an important part of our global community, and that is what I am committed to doing.”

Luke Lynch, Operations Manager

When he’s not outdoors playing golf, fishing or wildlife spotting, Luke is head of production and administration at aquaBUBBLER. Having managed his own graphic design business and been a consultant to countless start-up businesses, he often lends a hand with the sales and marketing activities too.

Luke’s experience in manufacturing, publishing, graphic design and marketing (to name a few) is put to good use at aquaBUBBLER.

Luke joined the team temporarily in 2009 to help systemise the rapidly developing business. In 2012, he rejoined for good as aquaBUBBLER’s growing potential and many opportunities required his start-up business savvy and heavy-duty organisational abilities.

With his home town of Christchurch devastated by earthquakes, Luke was ready for a change. And he knew this was a wonderful opportunity to be fully involved in a business with real heart. Having watched Brendan develop the concept and successfully take it to market, he was keen take this journey even further – a decision that has proved to be very fulfilling.

So Luke, what’s your favourite aquaBUBBLER story?

“There was one school in Melbourne’s outer suburbs with very dilapidated drinking troughs, like many of our clients. It constantly leaked, costing the school money in water bills and maintenance, and the students didn’t even use it – they purchased water instead.

Cost issues had been holding the school back from upgrading, but when the teachers saw our aquaBUBBLER, they were so impressed that they took it upon themselves to raise funds for one unit. This wasn’t hard, as many parents were sick of constantly buying bottles of water.

It wasn’t long before the whole community was on board. The school now has fantastic drinking facilities and is saving money, as are the parents. Most importantly, everyone involved became aware of the environmental impact of wasting water and the waste plastic water bottles cause.”

What does aquaBUBBLER mean to you?

“We have taken one of the most important requirements for life—water—and made a fun, bright and friendly drinking fountain.”

What’s next for you and aquaBUBBLER?

“Watch this space! There is so much opportunity that only time will tell!”

Eugene Lynch, Business Development Manager

Eugene’s voracious appetite for current affairs, documentaries, films, books and world issues means he’s got plenty to say about most topics.

Sustainability, hydration, water conservation and landfill are all hot topics at the moment, and as far a Eugene is concerned, that means aquaBUBBLER should be a hot topic too. As aquaBUBBLER’s business development manager, Eugene is perfectly positioned to make it so! And he does that with all the passion aquaBUBBLER deserves.

Before joining aquaBUBBLER in 2009, Eugene was engaged in high pressure sales roles in fast paced corporate environments. In his occasional spare time, he closely followed his brother Brendan’s fascinating journey to produce the world’s best drinking fountain, and the best drinking fountain for the world.

The result was inspiring, and Eugene knew that his business development experience coupled with his enthusiasm for issues around water and environmental sustainability would catapult the company forward. He was more than committed to seeing this genuinely excellent product become a familiar sight in schools, parks and gardens.

So Eugene, what’s your favourite aquaBUBBLER story?

“There are two particular moments that have really stuck with me. The first was seeing my son run to an aquaBUBBLER fountain for a drink at the Melbourne Zoo, and another time when a friend emailed me a photo of his kids drinking from an aquaBUBBLER in the Kinglake area.

I mean, the reason I work with aquaBUBBLER is because I know that we produce fountains that are attractive and playful for kids, encouraging them to hydrate, and at the same time doing the best we possibly can for he the environment. So those moments were just sights to behold after the time it’s taken to make it all happen.”

What does aquaBUBBLER mean to you?

“One word: quality”

What’s next for you and aquaBUBBLER?

“Right now, we are keen to continue providing good hydration facilities as many schools around Australia possible. There are so many reasons to install aquaBUBBLERS, and we just want to keep getting that message out.”