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aquaBUBBLER is proud to be a prize partner of Cool Australia’s ENVIROWEEK.

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ENVIROWEEK is all about young Australians taking positive action to raise awareness for a sustainable future.

Cool Australia Enviroweek 2013

From August 25-31 schools, classes, and individual students are taking up the green challenge. There’s a “Green Thumb” challenge to plant a veggie patch, a “Shopper Challenge” to resist buying anything new for a week ,and a “Sparky” challenge to save energy.

Our favourite is the Go Tap challenge – swapping all bottled and canned drinks for refreshing and healthy tap water!

Cool Australia Enviroweek 2013 Go Tap

There are competitions and prizes – an Eco-Fundraiser competition and a Creator competition. And best of all you could win an aquaBUBBLER with water bottle refill station. For more details see 


Love your planet? Love your aquaBUBBLER!

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aquaBUBBLER is very proud to be supporting Cool Australia’s 2013 Love your Planet fundraising lunch next week.

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose work is very close to our hearts: they are dedicated to teaching younger generations about the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment.

Part of Cool Australia’s charter is to empower educators by providing free, Australian curriculum-linked environmental resources to educators and students. Their team of leading teachers, curriculum writers and sustainability education experts create original learning activities that teachers can download and take straight into the classroom.

Cool Australia founder and CEO, Jason Kimberley said, “It’s great to have aquaBUBBLER on board. Their long-established collaboration with schools on issues of sustainability, and their development of a product which responds to many of the environmental challenges the world currently faces, make them a perfect orgnisation for Cool Australia to be associated with.”

aquaBUBBLERCool Australia’s annual Love Your Planet lunch involves an auction to raise money for their education programs. This year we are donating an aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain, and are delighted to be in the company of IKEA, Quicksilver, Top Shop, Willow, Mr Wolf, Kozminsky, Silo, Mars Gallery, Bounce, and Husk who are also contributing items.

At the lunch, teachers and students will share their experiences about how Cool Australia’s resources have helped them fulfill their potential in sustainability education. The fundraising target is $60,000, and all funds will go towards further development of Cool Australia’s education resources.