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Single-use plastic containers big culprit in toxic marine contamination

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Most of us are aware that plastic finding its way in oceans and waterways is a growing ecological problem. Plastics have been found throughout the marine food-chain, in the tissue and digestive tracts of all manner of creatures from whales to tiny aquatic worms.Julia Reisser from the University of WA is studying pollution in Australian waters and has found each square kilometre of seawater carries an average of 4000 pieces of plastic. And it’s not only the plastics themselves that cause problems, but that they attract and concentrate oil-based pollutants in the sea, adding to the toxic load on the unfortunate sea creatures that digest them.
Marine Life

Reisser pin-points single-use plastic containers as being a major source of marine pollution, and encourages efforts to reduce their usage. Yet another reason to ditch the bottled water and soft-drinks, and go tap!

Kangaroo Ground Primary School installs their “Choose Tap” aquaBUBBLER

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Kangaroo Ground Primary School has just installed their Choose Tap aquaBUBBLER. “Our school has two aquaBUBBLERs already and jumped at the opportunity to install another one,” said Kangaroo Ground Primary School, principal Laurie Murray.

Kangaroo Ground Primary School students reveille in their success with a cool drink of water

Kangaroo Ground Primary School students enjoying the Choose Tap aqauBUBBLER with water bottle refill station.

“The kids love using the aquaBUBBLERS. They are specially designed for them and encourage great health and hydration habits. The Water Bottle Fundraiser meant that the school had already raised the money required to have the aquaBUBBLER installed. It’s a great idea. Other schools should jump on board!”

 “…It’s a great idea. Other schools should jump on board!”

aquaBUBBLER has teamed up with Yarra Valley Water’s Choose Tap campaign – an initiative which promotes the environmental and health benefits of drinking tap water.

aquabubbler drinking water fountain with water bottle refill station

Yarra Valley Water Choose Tap aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station

Schools in the Yarra Valley Water area can receive a FREE aquaBUBBLER – the modern, stylish, environmentally-friendly drinking fountain with water bottle refill station.

There are only 100 aquaBUBBLERS available

aquaBUBBLER and  the “Choose Tap” campaign are the perfect combination – there is no better way to encourage kids to drink tap water than to provide a new, inviting aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station that is especially designed with schools [or “kids“] in mind!

To qualify, the school needs to participate in the Drink Bottle Fundraiser – the school purchases a minimum of 50 Choose Tap drink bottles at cost price (only $4 each), to on-sell to their community for a profit. They retail for up to $15 each. Alternatively, the school can purchase 10 1 litre Choose Tap sports bottles (which come with a free sports bottle carrier).

Yarra Valley Water Choose Tap Logo

For more details, visit

Love your planet? Love your aquaBUBBLER!

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aquaBUBBLER is very proud to be supporting Cool Australia’s 2013 Love your Planet fundraising lunch next week.

Cool Australia is a not-for-profit organisation whose work is very close to our hearts: they are dedicated to teaching younger generations about the importance of sustainability and protecting our environment.

Part of Cool Australia’s charter is to empower educators by providing free, Australian curriculum-linked environmental resources to educators and students. Their team of leading teachers, curriculum writers and sustainability education experts create original learning activities that teachers can download and take straight into the classroom.

Cool Australia founder and CEO, Jason Kimberley said, “It’s great to have aquaBUBBLER on board. Their long-established collaboration with schools on issues of sustainability, and their development of a product which responds to many of the environmental challenges the world currently faces, make them a perfect orgnisation for Cool Australia to be associated with.”

aquaBUBBLERCool Australia’s annual Love Your Planet lunch involves an auction to raise money for their education programs. This year we are donating an aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain, and are delighted to be in the company of IKEA, Quicksilver, Top Shop, Willow, Mr Wolf, Kozminsky, Silo, Mars Gallery, Bounce, and Husk who are also contributing items.

At the lunch, teachers and students will share their experiences about how Cool Australia’s resources have helped them fulfill their potential in sustainability education. The fundraising target is $60,000, and all funds will go towards further development of Cool Australia’s education resources.

MYTHBUSTING: Is bottled water safer than tap water?

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The short answer to this question is NO.

One of the many myths that the bottled water industry has spent lots of money perpetrating is that bottled water is safer that tap water.

Perfectly clean drinking water.

We checked out what some actual experts had to say on the matter:

Food and water watch says, “Despite the marketing, bottled water is not safer than tap water. Tap water is subject to more stringent regulation that bottled water. Tap water is regulated by the EPA, while bottled water is regulated by the Food and Drug Administration. Perpetually under-funded and short-staffed, FDA has a poor record of protecting consumer health and safety. FDA sends inspectors to bottling plants once every two to three years.

Independent testing of bottled water conducted by the Environmental Working Group in 2008 found that 10 popular brands of bottled water… contained 38 chemical pollutants, with an average of 8 contaminants in each brand.”

National Geographic says, “Bottled water isn’t always as safe as tap water. The NRDC conducted a four-year study of the bottled water industry and concluded that while most bottled water is safe to drink, there are areas of concern. Roughly 22% of the water tested contained contaminant levels that exceeded strict state health limits. One study found that hormone-disrupting phthalates had leached into bottled water that had been stored for 10 weeks.”

The Worldwatch Institution says, “In industrial countries with highly regulated water supplies, tap water has been proven to be just as safe, or safer, than its commercial counterpart. In the U.S, regulations concerning bottled water are generally the same as for tap water, but are weaker for some microbial contaminants. The U.S. FDA, which regulates bottled water at the federal level, permits the product to contain certain levels of fecal matter, whereas the Environmental Protection Agency does not allow any human waste in city tap water. Bottled water violations are not always reported to the public, and in most cases the products may be recalled up to 15 months after the problematic water was produced, distributed, and sold.

Want to hear the truth about the other myths the bottled water industry would like you to believe? Watch this video or read this Cleanpdf.