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Towards Universal Design – the future of Access.

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The ethos behind aquaBUBBLER has always been to offer the best-engineered, most usable and most appealing drinking fountains on the market.

This is partly about encouraging the public, and children especially, to choose tap water (over soft drinks, or expensive and ecologically costly bottled water) by using visually appealing design, creating a clean and hygienic drinking environment, and making sure everything is as convenient and easy-to-use as possible.

aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station

aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain with water bottle refill station

The other side to this philosophy is access. The Classic aquaBUBBLER is designed to be easy for children and adults to use and has a handy water bottle refill station to enable users to meet their hydration needs away from the drinking fountain. And being positioned at a lower level, the water bottle refill station also allows better access to those who have difficulty reaching the top of the unit. The Universal Access aquaBUBBLER goes a step further by meeting DDA (Disability Discrimination Act) compliance standards for universal access by those with disabilities including the wheelchair-bound.

Universal access is becoming ever-more important for architects, planners and designers, especially those involved in creating public facilities and spaces. This reflects an understanding of the benefits for individuals and society in providing those with disabilities the best opportunities to reach their full potential without being hindered by their physical environment. It also recognises that in an ageing society the numbers of people with limited mobility or other disabilities is increasing rapidly and better infrastructure can play an important role in prolonging independence and reducing the care burden.

Universal access aquaBUBBLER with water bottle refill station

Universal access aquaBUBBLER with water bottle refill station

As manufacturers of the Universal Access aquaBUBBLER, we’ve taken the opportunity to be product sponsors and exhibitors at the upcoming ACAA (Association of Consultants in Access Australia) National Conference and Trade Exhibition starting on the 18th -20th November at the Waterview Convention Centre near Olympic Park, Homebush in Sydney.

The conference is a great meeting-place and ideas exchange for those involved in designing and specifying for universal access, with a wealth of content from speakers from Australia and around the world including the keynote speaker, Dr Satoshi Kose, Professor of Graduate School of Design, Shizuoka University of Art and Culture, Japan, who has more than a decade of experience in disability access in Japan. Japan is one of the most rapidly ageing populations on the planet and is in the forefront of dealing with issues of access and mobility.

For more information about the ACAA visit the ACAA website, or for details of the conference. 3596577_orig