aquabubbler drinking water fountain with water bottle refill station

aquaBUBBLER and Sustainability

In producing the best drinking fountain on the market, aquaBUBBLER is 100% committed to the principle of sustainability.

Designing for sustainability

Design is central to creating a sustainable product because environmental impacts can result from design. This is why we spent two years consulting extensively to design a product that meets our stringent sustainability standards.
Environmental impacts of drinking fountains are caused by:
  • Production: the materials and manufacturing processes used produce the drinking fountain.
  • Use: the water and the parts the drinking fountain required to continue functioning.
  • Disposal: what happens to the fountain when it is no longer needed.
To minimise these impacts, aquaBUBBLERS are designed to:
  • be robust enough to endure for a long time
  • be extremely reliable so replacements are not required
  • require minimal maintenance.
Also, when an aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain finally gives up the ghost (or is no longer required), it is designed to be dismantled and completely recycled. aquaBUBBLER fully manages this process.

aquaBUBBLER innovation

Our painstaking work in designing for sustainability resulted in two powerful innovations:

A custom designed drinking fountain tap

We’ve all seen dripping, leaking or broken drinking fountains. Our research indicates that the ‘water footprint’, or wasted water caused by a drinking fountain, is predominantly caused by tap failures.
These tap failures also cause material impacts because they need frequent repairs (usually replacing the tap assembly) or are simply disposed of as rubbish. In most cases, these failures are caused by a tap of generic design that is not properly integrated into the fountain and that lacks the special features necessary to achieve reliable operation in harsh conditions.
aquaBUBBLER has redesigned the drinking fountain tap to maximise performance and reliability. Rather than using an off-the-shelf tap of dubious origins, aquaBUBBLER’s tap has been specifically crafted to integrate into the fountain casing.
aquaBUBBLERS are also designed to last a long time, with fully serviceable internal components. The aquaBUBBLER team will replace any part of the unit in a heartbeat as part of our five-year guarantee; all parts are made to be easily manageable to eliminate the need to replace an entire unit.

A robust polyethylene body

The bright colours available for aquaBUBBLER products are not all for show! The polyethylene body was chosen because of its reduced manufacturing impacts and because it is easy to recycle.
Not only that, the design is optimised to make sure that if an aquaBUBBLER needs to be disposed of (a sad thought!) the polyethylene body can be easily separated from the metal internal plumbing and drip tray, making recycling a snap.

aquaBUBBLER and the Environment

There is no doubt that our environment is under a great deal of pressure: Pollution, climate change and diminishing resources are all part of a widespread global problem. It’s critical that we maintain a clean and constant water supply while ensuring a sustainable, healthy environment for future generations.
Saving water has become an urgent priority for many countries around the world, including Australia, and aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains are designed with this in mind.

Why we want to reduce production of plastic water bottles

As well as threatening our water supply, the increased reliance on plastic in today’s society seriously affects our natural resources and pollution levels. Reducing the pollution caused by manufacturing, transporting and disposing of plastic drinking bottles is so important that many communities and local government institutions have banned plastic drinking bottles at their facilities.
This is fantastic for sustainability, but it can leave people without ready access to clean drinking water throughout the day.

The aquaBUBBLER solution

Drinking fountains have long addressed the issue of water availability, but historically there have been a few issues.
Access: has been difficult for children and people with physical limitations or in wheelchairs.
Appeal: There is also the undeniable fact that drinking fountains are generally not known for being attractive or appealing to drink from!
Convenience: Locating a drinking fountain can be a hassle for anyone with limited time or people who want to hydrate on the move.
aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains provide solutions to all of these issues.
As well as providing an on-the-spot hydration point, aquaBUBBLER is fitted with a second, lower tap which provides easy access for children and people in wheelchairs, and also acts as a refill station, allowing everyone to refill their own drink bottles.
All the convenience of bottled water without the waste and cost of purchasing disposable plastic bottles!
Our beautifully designed, colourful, clean, hygienic fountains also take care of the appeal issue. You can even custom design your own!

A tiny drop in the ocean?

Using less bottled water may seem like a tiny drop in the ocean in making a difference to our environment, but you may be surprised to know what’s really involved in producing that innocent-looking bottle of water probably sitting on your desk right now:
  • On average NZer’s use 168 plastic water bottles each year
  • We spend on average $558.00 on water bottles each year.
  • Approximately 86% of plastic bottles aren’t recycled in USA, in NZ it’s 78%.
  • The Pacific Institute estimates that the energy needed to produce one bottle of water is the equivalent to filling a bottle with oil up to a quarter of its volume.
  • The Institute concludes that more than 145.7 million litres of oil was used in the production, transportation, refrigeration, and recycling/disposal of bottled water in Australia in 2009–10.
  • Every litre of bottled water produced uses 1.3 to 3 litres of water, according to bottled water company Mount Franklin.
  • Campaigns such as the Food and Water Watch’s Take Back the Tap and Melbourne’s water utility company Yarra Valley Water’s Choose Tap are encouraging people to return to tap water instead of buying the bottled variety.
The University of Canberra has provided data which shows that installing an aquaBUBBLER on a tertiary campus can:
  • reduce PET bottle consumption by 140,000 annually
  • prevent 79,660 bottles going into landfill
  • avoid using 16,800 litres of oil
  • save 252 kilolitres of water
  • save on waste reduction on bottled water packaging