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For a step by step guide on how to convert drinking troughs into worm farms, click on the link below.

Download WormFarm Guide!


Better Health Channel is a Victorian Government initiative which aims to promote healthy eating and increase levels of physical activity. The article this link to is about water as vital part of a nutritious diet.

Crunch & Sip is a program that makes it easy to help kids stay healthy and happy! It’s a set break to eat fruit or salad vegetables and drink water in the classroom. It is funded in WA under the National Partnership Agreement on Preventative Health, in NSW through the Healthy Kids Association and in SA through the South Australian Dental Service.

BOG standardThe ‘Water is Cool in School Campaign’ (2000 – 2011) aimed to improve the access to fresh drinking water for children in UK schools, to increase public awareness of the health benefits to children drinking water at school and to obtain comprehensive legislation on drinking facilities in schools.

Cool FuelA fabulous animated, ‘fun facts about water’ website for school kids. With games!



CERES is an award winning environment park located in East Brunswick, Melbourne. Follow this link to lean about their sustainable living activities and education program.

How to build a worm farm: Eltham North Primary School upgraded to aquaBUBBLERS and used their old water troughs to make a huge worm farm. This pdf tells you how. (You can also read out blog about it on our Blog).


The Smart Water Fund was established in 2002 by the Victorian Water Industry and Government to encourage and support innovative water management, wastewater recycling and community water saving projects.

The Department of Sustainability and Environment is Victoria’s leading government agency responsible for sustaining our natural and built environments.



Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts. Read about global projects and environmental news.

The Plastic Disclosure Project asks the business world to measure, manage, reduce and benefit from plastic waste to create a world where plastic adds value without negatively impacting the environment. This site provide updates on their activities, news and progress.



Melbourne Water provides excellent educational resources for primary, secondary and tertiary institutions. They also offer educational tours about water supply, the water cycle, sewerage, and water sensitive urban design.

Yarra Valley Water provides water and sewerage services to over 1.5 million customers. This site includes info on water restrictions and great teaching resources.

City West Water provides water services to customers in Melbourne’s city and inner suburbs. Great links to useful websites, activity sheets for students, professional development, incursions and excursions for students and more.

South East Water provides water and sewerage services to over half a million customers. They support a comprehensive range of “water” themed educational programs for students and teachers.

Water Corporation provides sustainable management of water services to make WA a great place to live and invest. They provide teacher support through curriculum-linked lessons, interactive resources, school program, incursions and excursions.