aquabubbler drinking fountain with water bottle refill station

Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I get an aquaBUBBLER schematic to assist with installation?

Download aquaBUBBLER schematic

Where can I install an aquaBUBBLER?

The question really is where can’t you! aquaBUBBLERs can be located anywhere easy access to drinking water is required. For schools, this includes high physical activity areas such as sports fields, along main walking routes to and from classrooms, outside classrooms, inside classrooms, corridors or multi-purpose learning areas. Other location include parks, running and bike paths, gyms, offices, shopping strips…

Are aquaBUBBLERs easy to install?

Yes, but they must be installed by a licensed plumber. They are straightforward to install and come with an easy-to-read installation manual. It takes about 4 hours.

Can you deliver aquaBUBBLERs anywhere in New Zealand?

Yes, we deliver door to door to any location in New Zealand. On average, on agreeing size and colour of your aquaBUBBLER, delivery will take 14 days.

Can I feed aquaBUBBLER wastewater back into the garden?

Yes. Wastewater can be dispersed into surrounding land using an aggie pipe NOTE: this is dependant on your local council bylaws.

How are aquaBUBBLERs secured in position?

aquaBUBBLERs have an internal steel base bracket which is secured in position by 10mm threaded rod. This provides a very strong and stable foundation for the unit.

What type of surface can I install my aquaBUBBLER on?

aquaBUBBLERs can be installed either onto an existing concrete surface or wooden floor, or a prepared concrete foundation.

Can aquaBUBBLERs be fitted with a water filter?

Yes, can arrange a preinstalled filter to be fitted when you purchase.

Can aquaBUBBLERs serve chilled water?

Yes. Many of our customers in warmer climates choose to install a chilling unit with their aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain. Our chillers, like our drinking fountains, offer advanced design benefits:

More robust: Our chillers are external to the drinking fountain. Unlike most designs, this allows for better ventilation, which results in less condensation and virtually eliminates breakdowns. (Condensation is the main reason most traditional chillers fail after about 18 months.)

Environmental and cost benefits:Up to four drinking fountains can be serviced by a single chiller, timers can be plugged in so the water is chilled only when required, and ambient temperature control means that if the air temperature drops, the chiller automatically adjusts to use the minimum energy required to chill the water.

Range of sizes: We offer three chiller sizes: 3, 7, and 15 litres. All our chillers are Australian-made, fully recyclable, and come with our five-year parts and workmanship guarantee.

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