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aquaBUBBLER: the drinking fountain of the future

aquaBUBBLERs are innovative 21st century drinking fountains designed for inside and outside use, educational institutions, public parks, community facilities, sports grounds and workplaces. The perfect hydration solution for your workplace or institution, aquaBUBBLERs provide inclusive access to the world’s most precious resource in an elegant, cost-saving and hygienic way.

Are you looking for stylish, indoor or outdoor, water-efficient drinking fountains?
aquaBUBBLERS are environmentally-friendly and designed to be attractive, low maintenance, water-efficient, hygienic, and vandal and graffiti resistant.

Manufactured in Australia and fully guaranteed, aquaBUBBLERs are the drinking fountain of the future: the colourful, modern design appeals to children and adults alike, and they include a water bottle refill station at a height that’s convenient for everyone. They are durable, recyclable, hygienic, sustainable and good for the environment.


As a society we’re realising the importance of creating more sustainable products and developing inclusive communities where everyone can access essential facilities.

aquaBUBBLER was designed with sustainable ideals in mind after journalist and sustainability consultant Brendan Lynch noticed that water fountains had remained virtually unchanged for decades – unlike our drinking habits.

Made locally

aquaBUBBLER is locally made, so it has a minimal carbon footprint, and is great for local industry.

100% recyclable

aquaBUBBLER are 100% recyclable so nothing of it ends up in landfill. We take responsibility for dismantling and removing the fountain at the end of its life, ensuring that all parts are put to good use.

Environmentally friendly

With more and more public institutions banning bottled water, new solutions are needed so students and others can stay hydrated. aquaBUBBLER allows easy access to clean water and also provides a drink bottle refill facility to reduce the need for purchasing bottled water.

Accessible to everyone

aquaBUBBLERS  are designed for people with disabilities too. The Disability Discrimination Act (1992) requires that all people with disabilities be given equal opportunity to participate in society’s full range of activities. An inclusive environment is one that is free of discrimination and is flexible enough to accommodate the different needs and potential of everyone.

In line with the Disability Discrimination Act’s drinking fountain design recommendations (under AS 1428.2 1992 Clause 27.3) aquaBUBBLER provides:

— a water bottle and cup filler at a height of 700mm
— a cup dispenser at a height of 700–1100mm
— circulation space in front of the fixture allowing access from either side (AS 1428.1 2009 compliant)
— an easy operational push button (also AS 1428.1 2009 complaint).

An inspired design

The design was inspired by our desire to contribute to sustainable community practices. We spent two years in design development, engaged school principals and staff in extensive discussions, and observing students using water facilities. This research directly guided the shape, design and functionality of aquaBUBBLERs. We wanted to create a drinking fountain that responded to user preferences, and customer feedback confirms this is indeed the case!

Our Product

aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains


Nobody wants to drink from an out-of-date, unattractive drinking fountain unless it’s unavoidable! Why not install a water dispenser that’s fun and stylish and that people actually want to use? aquaBUBBLER provides an appealing alternative to the dull, stained metal surface of outdated drinking fountains. aquaBUBBLERs come in a range of modern colours and designs and we can even customise to put your logo on the fountain.


aquaBUBBLER’s ergonomic design makes it convenient to use with none of the fussing around that goes with traditional drinking fountains. With its handy dual-level design, aquaBUBBLER is available in a 700mm or 800mm version and is accessible to everyone, including wheelchair users and children. The tap shape is ergonomically designed for ease of use; it consists of a large round ‘easy push’ button which accommodates the way most people prefer to use the button (i.e. with their palm).

Water saving

Our main priority is sustainability¸ so aquaBUBBLER is designed to minimise water waste. The easy-to-adjust water pressure tap, combined with a non-squirt water exit nozzle means that it doesn’t drip, and the large self-closing push button makes it an ideal water-saving solution. Excess water is recycled following use so it goes back into land use instead going to storm water or sewer systems.


Designed to appeal to even the most germ-phobic water seekers, a lot of work goes into making aquaBUBBLER as hygienic as possible. The drinking bowl is made from stainless steel and the dish is specifically designed to prevent birds bathing in it— a common problem with traditional models.


aquaBUBBLERs are extremely robust and are constructed from fully serviceable internal components, eliminating the need to replace an entire unit. As well as preventing birds bathing in them, aquaBUBBLERs are also vandal resistant and graffiti proof to deter human pests! They last a long, long time, and still look good!


aquaBUBBLERs provide an ideal location and unique opportunity for logos and community messages: let the community know that you are committed to environmental sustainability water conservation and good hydration practices, and that you are investing wisely in their future. Purchasing and customising an aquaBUBBLER drinking fountain is a much more valuable, positive and longer lasting marketing investment than traditional forms of outdoor signage.

Lifetime care

The aquaBUBBLER team takes care of each and every aquaBUBBLER for its entire lifetime; providing total lsupport. From concept, design and manufacture to installation, maintenance and removal, we adhere to stringent environmental standards. When an aquaBUBBLER has served its time, we take full responsibility for dissembling the unit and reusing every single component.


aquaBUBBLER comes with a parts and workmanship guarantee of five years.

Optional Extras

Extra features such as chilling or filtering are also available. While Australia’s water is perfectly safe to drink, some people prefer it filtered, so we offer a filter attachment to cater for this.

Many of our customers in warmer climates install a chilling unit with their aquaBUBBLER. Our chillers, like our drinking fountains, are Australian-made and offer advanced design benefits:

More robust:  Our chillers are external to the drinking fountain. Unlike most designs, this allows for better ventilation, which results in less condensation and virtually eliminates breakdowns. (Condensation is the main reason most traditional chillers fail after about 18 months.)

Environmental and cost benefits: Up to four drinking fountains can be serviced by a single chiller, timers can be plugged in so the water is chilled only when required, and ambient temperature control means that if the air temperature drops, the chiller automatically adjusts to use the minimum energy required to chill the water.

Range of sizes: We offer three chiller sizes: 3, 7, and 15 litres. All our chillers are Australian-made, fully recyclable, and come with our five-year parts and workmanship guarantee.