It’s a hot summer, refresh with water.


aquaBUBBLER-its-a-hot-summerA warm welcome back to the new academic year for all our readers in education. And warm it’s been indeed. It’s becoming routine for records to fall each year for strings of hot days and maximum temperatures, and this summer has been no exception.

With the mercury soaring, it’s timely to look at the issue of hydration. Most of us are aware of the dangers of severe dehydration, but it’s less well-known that even a moderate lack of hydration can have significant effects on health and performance. And children are particularly vulnerable.

Every school should have a sound hydration policy and suitable facilities to encourage good hydration for students. AquaBUBBLER has put together a [link] fact-sheet about the risks and consequences of dehydration [/link], and if you get in touch with us we can advise you about developing or improving your hydration policy and ensuring your drinking water facilities are up to scratch.

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