Doing their bit!

“Sustainability,” “Organic” and “Environmentally Friendly” are important words and concepts that we increasingly notice as we go about our daily lives.

At aquaBUBBLER we also love coming across the words “do our bit” – especially when used in relation to saving water and looking after the environment.

That’s why the following plaque grabbed our attention when we recently passed through the Gold Coast Airport in Queensland:

Signs that Gold Coast Airport are doing their bit.

Signs that Gold Coast Airport are doing their bit.

Airports are not necessarily the first places that come to mind when we think about sustainability and environmental restraint – all those travel miles, expensive fuel & pollution.

But a bit of imagination and ingenuity from those in charge at the airport has resulted in the harnessing of rainwater from the extensive roof area to recycle through the public toilet/amenities.

aquaBUBBLER celebrates clever, practical use of environmental resources. Bravo Gold Coast Airport!

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