Eltham North Primary School Worm Farm

When Eltham North Primary School contacted Brendan Lynch (Managing Director, aquaBUBBLER) to tell him how they managed to take aquaBUBBLER’s environmentally sustainable philosophy one step further, he was thrilled!

Eltham North Primary School had invested in five new aquaBUBBLER drinking fountains to replace their outdated water troughs. 

Around the time that the old troughs were being removed, Jo Harwood—Eltham North Primary School’s Sustainable Schools Coordinator—was facing some challenges with the school’s considerable compost projects. How to fix issues with vinegar flies, rodents and general compost odour? 

A quiet word with the school’s maintenance manager saw the troughs quickly plucked from the rubbish, and in less than a week they had been converted into a 10-metre long worm farm.

Twelve months later, the worm farm remains rodent, fly and odour-free. But even better, the vermiculture and liquid fertiliser it produces provide a much needed boost to the school’s rambling gardens. 

“We’re located in Nillumbik,” explains Jo, “which is a Wurundjeri word meaning shallow earth. Historically it’s been really hard to grow anything in the poor soil here, so the rich, organic output from the worm farm is just what we need.”
“I noticed an old bathtub being used to house a worm farm at Edendale Community  Environment Farm just up the road,” Jo admits,
“and Edendale’s Rachel Bishop and I had a ‘Eureka’ moment when we spotted the old water troughs!” 
“The worm farm uses about 20% of the school’s foodscraps and also a significant amount of our 
shredded waste paper. 

The rest goes into our regular compost bins. We plan to expand the worm farm though, because unlike the bins, there are no flies, rodents or odour.”

“And let’s face it—worm farms are just more fun!”  

Jo insists that worm farms are so simple that anyone can make one—and she suggests that everyone should! 
“They’re just great. The kids love ours, with many volunteering to help manage it. The farm also brings many aspects of our curriculum to life. Plus it’s cheap, effective and great for the environment. Here in Nillumbik we need the worm farm produce for our garden, but other schools could sell it if they didn’t need it.”  

What a perfect way to finance your next aquaBUBBLER!

For a step by step guide on how to convert drinking troughs into worm farms, click on the link below…

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