Australia Turns Green on World Stage!

Huge congratulations to Melbourne’s Bentleigh Secondary College, who this week won the International Green award as the world’s most sustainable educational institution.

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Bentleigh Secondary Colledge
What an absolutely outstanding achievement, and one that simply makes our hearts sing here at aquaBUBBLER!

Bill Thomas, Head of Sustainable Practices at the College accepted the award in front of 400 international representatives in London, and said:
“Working for sustainable futures is an investment, through young people, in the future of our planet. Sustainability is a cornerstone of our educational practices at Bentleigh Secondary College and of our wider community and we are thrilled to have our work recognised at an international level and to be in such good company.”

Also in attendance was Australia’s sustainability industry spokesperson Anne-Maree Huxley, who added to the good news:
“It was not long ago that Australia was considered in some circles to be 10 years behind in sustainability innovation and governance. …Having five Australian organisations as finalists and Bentleigh Secondary College as a global winner, I think it’s fair to say we’ve caught up and in some sectors are clearly leading the way”.

We couldn’t agree more. Keep up the great work Australia!

Read more about the sustainability projects at Bentleigh Secondary College.


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